The Artist.

Diana March grew up in a supportive and creative household in Los Angeles. Her father was a photographer and her mother, an artist and costume designer. Diana found her love for artistic expression early on as an actress, singer and dancer in theatre, film and television. But secretly, she also carried a passion to become a gemologist. The ancient, earth-fired beauty of gleaming stones, rocks and fossils completely entranced her. Five years ago, during a break from a play rehearsal, Diana wandered into a gem-and-mineral show next to the theatre. She watched in amazement as a woman designer demonstrated wirewrap, and immediately asked to be taught the intricate art form. Diana's exuberance and knowledge of stones won the Jeweler over and the journey began.

From that moment, Diana developed her own unique style and began designing bold, elegant pendants and earrings, searching for the perfect stones at gem shows, hard-to-find shops and in private collections.

After running her successful boutique/artist salon in Pasadena for several years, Diana decided to devote more of her imagination and energy into creating new exclusive jewelry collections for her growing clientele. In November, 2020 Diana opened up a new store called Jeweled Universe in South Pasadena,CA where she sells her Jewelry. She considers her new store an eclectic art boutique carrying merchandise from numerous other artists and designers. There is also a stage where she will host a veriety of live acts and entertainment. Diana loves to travel, demonstrating her distinctive wirewrap style and selling her work at art events and gem shows. Jeweled Universe can also be found in museum stores, boutiques, spas and jewelry stores.

"As a performer, my goal is to create something compelling and fresh with the story I'm trying to tell. It's the same with beautiful stones and minerals, each one has a unique, ancient story and my wirewrap is about creating the most elegant and exciting way to bring the timeless joy of that story to everyone who wears my pieces."

- Diana March