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Every Jewel of the Earth by Diana begins with the search. Diana March is well-known among gem dealers, rockhounds, store-owners and collectors for her passion and enthusiasm to find the right stone. She’s been known to pour for hours over tables and cases, looking for the most rare and dramatic crystals, stones, shells, fossils, ambers and meteorites from every corner of the world.

 “I love searching for unique stones -- stunning, mystical creations shaped by time, heat, and energy -- then meticulously turning nature’s past gift into tomorrow’s cherished treasure. My desire is to design timeless jewelry that will be passed from one generation to the next.”

In her studio, Diana studies the stone for color, tone, and hardness, before deciding what precious metal to wirewrap in -- sterling silver, 14k gold or high-quality 14k goldfilled. No machine, glue or soldering is ever used.

 Diana’s precise and artistic wirewrap style is all about following the markings, chatoyance and texture of the stone, both capturing and enhancing its natural beauty. This way, no two pieces are ever exactly alike. Some pendants are wrapped to display both sides of the stone, creating different looks for different moods and outfits. And whenever possible, Diana signs her work on the back with a smalls cript initial “D.”

“Many collectors and stone-lovers send me their family heirlooms and exiting finds,” Diana said, “because they know I’ll treat the gems with respect and an exclusive creative vision.”

 Diana says the two words people use most about her work are Unique and Elegant. Unique describes the stone, its color, shape, even its story, “but the elegance comes,” Diana says, “when I honor the stone in the design of my wirewrap.”

JEWELS OF THE EARTH are creations of nature wrapped in sterling or gold, so occasional polishing is recommended to keep them at their most luminous.