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Chrysocolla Malachite and Quartz Crystal Azurite Malachite Earrings Siberian Jade Necklace
Azurite Malachite Earrings
Our Price: $165.00
Siberian Jade Necklace
Our Price: $180.00

Copper carbonate mineral

This rare specimen of dark green malachite formed over clear quartz crystals. Mined in the famed Shaba Copper Belt. Long believed to be a sacred stone of protection and pure love.

Kasompi, Rep. Congo Africa

Length/Depth: 0.5 in

Width: 1 in

Height: 1.5 in

Copper carbonate complex A rare, lustrous cut of crystal with natural occurring royal azure (azurite) and bright green malachite, which often grow in complex combinations. In this case, the azurite found in an orbicular pocket. Mission Mine, Pima County, AZ

Silicate Mineral Siberia’s severe weather conditions and inconsistent production means the raw stone is only accessible for two to three months of the year at most. The Sayan Mountains near Lake Baikal, in central Siberia
Chrysocolla with Malachite
Chrysocolla with Malachite
Our Price: $220.00

Copper Carbonate Complex

Rare, lustrous, dramatic stone, its swirl pattern created by black tenorite (copper oxide), chrysocolla and royal blue azurite. Also with a pocket of micro-crystals called druzy. Said to be a stone of transformation.

Bagdad Mine, Yavapai Co., AZ

Length/Depth: 0.5 in

Width: 1.25 in

Height: 2.25 in