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Azurite Malachite Earrings Black Opal Barite Druzy on Quartz Druzy
Azurite Malachite Earrings
Our Price: $165.00
Black Opal
Our Price: $325.00

Copper carbonate complex A rare, lustrous cut of crystal with natural occurring royal azure (azurite) and bright green malachite, which often grow in complex combinations. In this case, the azurite found in an orbicular pocket. Mission Mine, Pima County, AZ

Hydrated Silica

Most valuable. Ranges from grey to black. Unusual darkness of the stone comes from carbon and iron oxide trace elements. Most Black opals have a natural layer of colorless opal left on the back of the stone. The darker the backing, the greater vibrancy of color and higher value. Black Opal has been said to shield against negative energy and stimulate creativity.

Northern Ethiopia

Length/Depth: 0.13 in

Width: 0.75 in

Height: 1.25 in

Diana created this piece in Sterling Silver and it includes a 16 inch Sterling Silver chain.

Length/Depth: 0.5 in

Width: 2 in

Height: 3 in